Sarcoma Specialist:

Martin J. Heslin, M.D., M.S.H.A.

Surgical Fellowship, 1995-1996

USA Health Mitchell Cancer Institute
1660 Spring Hill Avenue Mobile, Alabama 36604

I left MSKCC in 1996 and moved with my family to Alabama to work at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in Surgical Oncology. The KACF fellowship helped me become a local expert in the management of soft tissue tumors of all sites. Our group at UAB has published articles on the role of preoperative radiation therapy in the management of retroperitoneal sarcomas as well as importance of appropriate imaging for these tumors. During this time I have become a Professor of Surgery and the Chief of the Section of Surgical Oncology. I am one of the Senior Associate Chief’s of Staff for UAB hospital dealing with surgical issues and currently the Associate Director of the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center in charge of multidisciplinary cancer care for all cancer patients at UAB.

Amy and I have grown to like living in the South over the past 13 years. It is far from friends and family, but it allows me to be close to home and still have many of the professional advantages of a tertiary medical center. Outside of work I spend time with Amy and the kids at various events. I recently completed the “redneck trifecta” which is owning a pick up truck, a rifle and a shotgun! Amy spends the majority of her time volunteering at the schools and keeping track of the house and our four children. The three boys (Ryan (15), Daniel (12) and Lucas (10)) actually spend most of their free time playing hockey (believe it or not), but also enjoy hunting, fishing, riding dirt bikes, wrestling, soccer and lacrosse. I have coached each of them to varying degrees in many of the sports, which has been fun and rewarding.