The Kristen Ann Carr Fund welcomes the 2017/2018 Surgical Fellow, Edmund (Ned) King Bartlett, MD

Dr. Bartlett will gain extensive clinical experience at MSK, where he’ll study recurrence patterns in patients with liposarcomas in their arms or legs. Liposarcomas are the most common type of sarcoma (approximately 20% of all such tumors). There are also several sub-types: well difrerentiated, dediferentiated, pleomorphc, myxoid, round cell. The clinical significance of these subtypes is recognized at hospitals which treat a high volume of sarcoma cases, but it is not well described in the literature on the subject. Dr. Bartlett and his team aim to identify patterns of recurrence in these sarcomas based upon their specific sub-type. They will collect all patients treated at MSK whose information is available in the database and perform an analysis that will adjust for factors they know are significant (size, depth, etc.). This will enable Dr. Bartlett and his colleagues to better understand to what extent sub-type contributes to the outcome for these patients.

“This is exactly what Kristen’s Fund was set up to do,” remarked KACF trustee Dave Marsh. “The rarity of sarcoma is one of the hardest aspects of arriving at better treatment. Collecting and collating this data is a basic necessity of arriving at more solutions.”

Dr. Bartlett received his BA in Molecular Biology, Magna Cum Laude, from Princeton University and completed his General Surgical Residency at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, where he received the “Top Gun” Award for the best ABSITE score. Dr. Bartlett also received the 2007-2008 Cancer Research Training Award from the National Cancer Institute, and was honored with the William Y. Inouye Resident Award for excellence in teaching medical students from the University of Pennsylvania.