Osteosarcoma survivor Danny Jacobs: A Knockout Inspiring Story

In May of 2011, Danny Jacobs was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, Doctors found a quarter-sized tumor, the size of a walnut, wrapped around his spine. The cancerous tumor damaged his nerves and caused partial paralysis in his legs.

Doctors advised him to quit boxing, that the risk of injury would be too great. But Jacobs, who has been fighting since he was in high school, refused to consider that option as he didn’t want the diagnosis to end the pursuit of his dream.

After several successful procedures, doctors removed the tumor and Jacobs returned to training. Since his return to the ring, he has gone undefeated in five bouts, all by knock out.

On August 9th, Barclays center will be hosting a boxing match between Osteosarcoma Survivor Danny Jacobs and Jarrod Fletcher. For inquiries about discounted tickets, email info@sarcoma.com