New Research Confirms Sarcoma as “The Forgotten Cancer”

According to this article from Canada Newswire, “New research commissioned by the Sarcoma Cancer Foundation of Canada confirms that sarcoma is the “forgotten cancer,” with only one third of Canadians knowing what the disease is and a quarter saying they’ve never heard of it. Further, only 17 per cent of Canadians correctly identified sarcoma as the disease that claimed the life of Canadian icon Terry Fox.”

The Sarcoma Cancer Foundation of Canada (SCFC) works to spread awareness of sarcoma and slated the third week in June as Sarcoma Cancer Awareness week. Their efforts focus on educating people about sarcoma and fundraising to support cutting edge treatments and research.

“Sarcoma cancer has been a neglected area of research, but the tide is turning and with the support of SCFC, we are moving forward with exciting research here in Canada which leverages recent advancements and discoveries around the world,” said Dr. Razak.

Dr. Razak’s research funded by the SCFC lead to new clinical trials for a targeted sarcoma treatment that prevents blood vessels from feeding the tumor, stunting its growth.

We’re excited and amazed at the efforts of The Sarcoma Cancer Foundation of Canada!